Sunday, October 4, 2020

The 2020 edition of the LAUSD Magnets Handbook is now available at Amazon!


I've updated the LAUSD Magnets Handbook: A Guide to Getting Your Child into an LAUSD Magnet School, and it's now available at Amazon for just $2.99!

It's priced that low because I want everyone to be able to afford it. But I think it's worth a lot more than that, since it's filled with the information that I spent years gathering, distilled into an easy-to-understand format that you'll never get from LAUSD itself.

Learn how priority points actually work and how to maximize your child's chances of getting into your first-choice school, with real-life examples. I also discuss factors to consider when choosing a school, including non-magnet options.

Read this book before you submit the 2021-2022 Choices application!

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