Thursday, March 18, 2021

2021-2022 Choices Notification Letters are now available!

The 2020-2021 Notification Letters are now available! You can check online to view the letter, and you should also receive a hard copy of the letter via snail mail.

If you applied to one or more magnet programs, the letter will state whether your child has been admitted to a magnet program or been wait-listed.

If your child has been accepted, you will need to choose to accept or decline - follow the instructions in the letter. You should receive a confirmation email noting your choice, but if you don't, you can call the school or Student Integration Services to make sure they received your notification.

If your child has been wait-listed, there will be instructions on how to proceed (usually you don't need to do anything). If you need more information, I recommend contacting the school's magnet coordinator. They can't tell you if/when your child will get off the wait list, but they should be able to tell you how many students were offered spots off the wait list last year and your child's spot on on this year's wait list. That will give you some idea as to your child's chances of coming off the wait list. But keep in mind that with the pandemic last year, things might have been aberrant in that some students who might have accepted a spot at a magnet school turned it down to stay closer to home or a known school.

If you haven't heard anything from Student Integration Services, you can call them at (213) 241-4177.

I hope you got the outcome you are hoping for - good luck!

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