Thursday, September 9, 2021

Taking Community College Courses While In High School: Why and How

Did you know that high school students in Los Angeles can take community college courses for FREE? But why would a high school student want to do that? you might ask. Here are some reasons:

1. You're interested in a class or subject that isn't offered at your high school or doesn't fit your schedule. For some students, this might be a "fun" elective, like psychology. For other students, it might mean an advanced math class, especially if you've already maxed out the math classes at your high school.

2. You like a challenge. The classes offered at your high school simply might not be rigorous enough for you.

3. You want to satisfy general education credits faster because you plan to go to community college and hope to transfer to a University of California or California State University school. (If this is the case, make sure you work with your high school to ensure you're also satisfying high school graduation requirements, because they may differ or conflict.)

4. You want to boost the competitiveness of your college application.

I want to emphasize that you shouldn't take community college courses just because you "feel like it." But if you can handle the advanced level workload (it is college, after all), the class fits in your schedule, and your high school approves, then go for it! Here's how.


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